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Our capabilities that helps drive startups better

Our service offerings for a successful startup journey

We offer service on all walks of your startup stages, helping you build your next big thing, step by step.

Step One

Planning To Launch

Taking your startup idea, validating it, planning its development and executing on that plan, with only one focus, its launch.

Tools and techniques we employ for Planning to Launch

Trello & Asana
Pivotal Tracker
Story Boards

Step Two

Experience Design

Defining clear functionalities and usability study to deliver enjoyable user experiences for the end users of your SaaS product.

Tools our craftsmen use to deploy the best in class User Experience
A/B Tests
Adobe Creative Cloud

Step Three

Development and Deployment

Giving the imaginary thoughts a real shape and structure that everyone can touch and feel.

Technologies our development and operation consultants use to deliver the Development and Deployment
Github & Waffle
Ruby & Ruby on Rails
Python & Django
PHP & WordPress
Docker & Kubernetes

Step Four

Strategic Marketing

Implementing innovative marketing strategies to not only to reach customers but to create relations.

Techniques and strategies our world-class marketers use to deploy Strategic Marketing
Google AdWords
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Bing Ads
Email Subscribers List Building
Online & Offline Events

Step Five

Coaching and Support

Bring your staff up to the speed with the newly designed and built system.

Tools and methodologies our coaching consultants use to enhance individual’s knowledge and abilities through Coaching and Support
Skype & Google Hangouts
Knowledge Base

Step Six

Customer Relationship

Giving top notch service to the end users is a must in SaaS platforms to enhance to recurring relationship.

Tools and techniques we use to improve our clients’ Customer Relationship
Online Chat
24/7 Call Centers
Periodic Touchpoints

Step Seven

Social and Storytelling

Creating touch points for brand consumers on social media and adding one teaspoon of value every interaction.

Strategies we deploy to grow brand’s social equity under Social and Storytelling
Facebook Pages & Instagram Business
Corporate Blogs

Step Eight


Consume and accept the victory for all the hard work you have put down all this time. This is not the final step, this is just a beginning.

Simple, but powerful

These steps are the essential part of startup journey and success. Already excited? Contact us right now, and we will take care of it from here.

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