Our Process

Our strategic process that we religiously follow

Our process aligns with all the services we offer. We believe in the agile and lean mode of work. Be never afraid of learning, and still be fast. You may fail, but fail fast and learn your way to success.

We follow the 4D strategic process.

Phase I — Discover

All of our effort we put into our work, we want to make sure we are highly efficient and productive, reaching one step closer to our goals in every move.

Every journey begins by understanding where we are heading towards and where we want to reach in a given time frame and budget. This step is basically the stepping stone into this new endeavor. We can consider it as a crucial indicator of discovering the reality of the product.

A definitive source of information can be extracted by asking right questions. The answers to these questions show us the path and the priorities.

To get this clarity we are equipped with the right set of tools and frameworks that helps drilling down the nitty gritties of each and every aspect of a fuzzy concept. Getting these details help every stakeholder involved, to make a right decision.

Phase II — Define

Peculiar details are drawn out of all the information we have gathered in our Discovery phase to lay down a specification of what exactly we are looking at. The objectives are defined and goals are set. This helps us stay on track and create smaller goals to reach the bigger picture by achieving them one by one.

Vision of all stakeholders defines the direction of the product. Brand evaluation and pursued impressions dictates what has to be developed on this journey.

Phase III — Develop

We employ best of the technology development tools, techniques and practices to achieve highest quality results. We make sure these results are obtained in optimum time and effort.

Our team of passionate make the development process frictionless. We are more keen on asking questions than to assume, which makes us generate empathy towards the product, further clarity and get better results.

Never do we compromise on the quality of the outcome, by collaborative review and repair system, which eventually heals itself and gets us the desired outcome on time.

Phase IV — Deliver

We are through all the previous phases which got a shape and meaning to the dream you had before the start of this journey. Now we are at our final stages, we are about to make the product reach its end user.

After series of tests and experiments, our confidence to launch the product to general intended demographic of users increases. This allows us to deliver the product.

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Linkjet Technologies is a web and mobile app development consultancy. We provide enterprise-grade premium solutions for your real-world business problems with our technological expertise. We are registered in Mumbai ROC, Maharashtra, IN.

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